Computer Support San Francisco: 2017 Cloud Computing Predictions

Cloud computing in 2017 is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, which means that you need to be aware of the forecast of computer support San Francisco. Here are five of the most impactful prediction for information technology in 2017.

1. Enterprises will scale computer support San Francisco

It won’t be so much of a “scale” as is cutting back on goods and services but rather a redefining of what it means to have managed IT support. No more will corporations willingly pay millions to develop private cloud systems. Instead, companies will save money by investing in public spheres that are efficient and convenient. Amazon and Google are already reaping the benefits of the scaling movement with large and small businesses turning to their platforms for cloud services and computer support San Francisco.

2. Cloud costs will shrink

As time passes and the cloud computing movement grows, IT professionals will find ways to better serve clientele. From discovering new ways to save information to combining folders for more efficient operations, the technologically savvy will be able to do it all.

3. Linux containers will be the new thing

Containers let developers manage software code with more ease and proficiency. It is no wonder, then, that these incentives will be available across public and private cloud platforms. You can expect to see developers using pre-established containers and building networks of their own in 2017.

4. The beginning of lift-and-shift

For those who are unaware, lift-and-shift is the practice of a developer taking full advantage of the cloud’s elasticity by rewriting certain applications. The practice allows companies to get their full money’s worth by making full use of all of the space in a cloud. You will see more IT professionals restructure information based on the life-and-shift model in coming months as the world is moving away from bulk and into the digital reality of less being more.

5. The global public cloud market will see serious revenue increase in the coming year

In 2015, the public cloud computing market earned around $87 billion. In 2017, the sphere of information technology is expected to gross around $146 billion. Those searching for a good investment should definitely take notice of the number and consider taking the plunge.

In Conclusion

Regardless of your stance on cloud computing, you cannot ignore its revolutionary takeover of the IT world. Nearly every business, small and large, in the United States is in someone’s cloud and for good reason. You can expect this field of information technology to grow by leaps and bounds in coming months.


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